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Honeywell Grants National Flight Services HTF7000 Line Maintenance Approval

by | Oct 5, 2021 | News

Honeywell announces National Flight Services, Inc. (NFS) has received the HTF7000 engine line maintenance clearance. As a longtime member of the Honeywell family of TPE331 turboprops worldwide, National Flight Services is expanding its capabilities in the turbofan business, explicitly with the HTF7000 engine.

The HTF7000 family is all about availability, reliability, and performance. Maintenance is quick and easy. Keyline replaceable units can be replaced within 20 minutes with the minimum tools common to all toolboxes. The excellent engine design simplifies access to the engine and significantly reduces maintenance time.

With this HTF7000 line maintenance certification, Honeywell enables NFS to perform external engine maintenance and other services that do not require engine disassembly. Items such as LRU engines, fuel controls, oil pumps, accessories, and components can be removed and reinstalled. As MROs / FBOs, they are allowed to handle passing services such as flight lines and minor inspections, oil changes, filters and more.

“This is the first step into the turbofan business and if it goes the way our Honeywell turboprop business went, I´m sure we will soon become a major player in the HTF7000 arena,” says Michael Converse, Sales and Marketing Director of NFS.

Honeywell is pleased to be able to strengthen its relationships with well-known channel partners and looks forward to offering its own exclusive programs and services to help reduce costs and avoid customer maintenance and AOG issues. Whether or not the event is scheduled, NFS’s experienced turbine engine and airframe teams will meet your maintenance needs.