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The Latest in TPE331 Technology for Your King Air B100!

National Flight Services TPE331-10 Engine Conversion

The Latest in TPE331 Technology for Your King Air B100!

If you are in the market to improve your King Air B100's performance and increase its resale value, National Flight Services has the conversion for you!

The National Flight Services King Air B100 TPE331-10 engine conversion is designed to make your King Air B100 climb faster, cruise faster, and to increase operator satisfaction! Our B100-10 conversion has proven to be the fastest of any of the B100 conversions on the market. We utilize a larger diameter tailpipe that helps your engine breath better (The MaxThrust Exhaust System); this translates to lower exhaust gas temperatures which allows for better performance and reliability for as long as you own your aircraft, guaranteed!

King Air B100-10 Exhaust Rear View

Ownership Advantages:

  • Increased aircraft resale value by nearly to $500,000!
  • Increases ownership satisfaction - quicker trips, fewer hours flown per year, decreased cost per flight mile!
  • Convenient EGT/OAT gauge for high altitude operation!
  • Most successful -10 conversion on the market for the B100!
  • King Air B200 performance and passenger seating with TPE331-10 efficiency!

Ownership Advantages

Performance Advantages:

  • Fastest B100 TPE331-10 Conversion on the market w/ speed increase of up to 40 knots!
  • Full power (715shp) to FL180!
  • 20% more torque (per side) above 10,000 feet!
  • Dramatically improved climb rate to cruisealtitude!
  • Improves pitch attitude in cruise flight above FL180!
  • Increased climb-out in high density altitude situations!

  • Increased single engine performance!

  • Increased single engine service ceiling from a hazardous 10,500ft to well over 20,000ft! Make flying over mountainous terrain less risky!

Performance Advantages

Maintenance Cost Savings:

  • Save Up to $35 Per Flight Hour Off Your Maintenance Reserve!
  • MaxThrust Exhaust System - Larger tailpipe for increased engine aspiration - better EGT range and less wear on your engine!
  • No exhaust leak issues found in competing -10 conversions utilizing stock tailpipe!
  • Lower overhaul costs with -10 power!
  • Lower hot section inspection costs with -10 power!
  • Reduced fuel nozzle maintenance!
  • Reduced turbine blade erosion!
  • Replaceable first stage turbine blades!
  • Nearly double the allowable cycles when compared to -6 turbine wheels

Two TBO / HSI Options:

  • TBO of 5400 hours with 1800 hour hot section intervals
  • Alternatively select a TBO of 5000 hours with one 2500 hour hot section inspection interval

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The TPE331 is a turboprop engine utilizing a two stage centrifugal compressor, an annular combustion chamber and three stage axial turbine with an integral gearbox. Horsepower ratings vary from 575 to 1200 horsepower depending upon engine model and installation.